What Router Bit to Use for Flattening Slabs?

Flattening slabs is a daunting task… no doubt about that!

Especially when you have to work with larger wooden slabs with rough edges, it can be really intimidating. But, you can make this flattening process buttery smooth if you are equipped with the right tools.

Well, I’m not talking about equipping the whole sawmill tools. The only machine you will need for this task is… drum roll please… just your router with a perfect router bit!

So, what router bit to use for flattening slabs in your own workshop? Don’t worry. In this blog post, I’ve collected the top 3 best router bits to use for flattening slabs. Have a look at those beauties.

Top 3 Router Bit for Flattening Slabs 2021

1. 1/2 Inch Shank CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

1/2 Inch Shank CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

Quality, versatility, and productivity – these might be the perfect words to explain this Binstak router bit.

This 3 winged router bit comes with a sharp carbide-tipped bit along with hardened steel bodies. No matter how long you work with this tool, it’s ready to give you the perfect flattening experience.

Worried about heating issues while working long time? Please don’t! It comes with a Teflon coating on the outer section. This coating will resist heat and ensures fast and easiest cleaning while flattening your timbers.

You can cut within 2 inches diameter by using this 3-winged router bit. It can cut very precisely, smoothly, and leaves no burr edges on the wooden surface. From small tasks to complex projects, this router bit will fit everywhere.

Another good reason for choosing this tool as our #1 router bit is its versatility. You might already know that you can use this tool with any desktop engraving machine such as table-mounted routers or CNC machines.

However, there’s a limitation too. This woodworking tool cannot be attached to the drill machines and electric drills. But, I think this tiny drawback isn’t a big thing comparing the benefits it’s providing.

Key Features:

  • The sharp carbide tip can cut smoothly.
  • Good for use on any small to industrial projects.
  • Works great with any kind of wooden surface.
  • Can be used with every automatic router to flatten slabs.
  • The body is durable and good for long time use.

2. ROOCBIT CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Slab Flattening Router Bit

ROOCBIT CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Slab Flattening Router Bit

Do you want a router bit for long time usage? If so, you should get none other than this ROOCBIT CNC spoilboard router bit.

The main attraction of this woodworking tool is the blade. Its blade is made of hard alloy. You know, hard alloy lasts a lot longer than the traditional milling blades. Even the body is electroplated properly to avoid rust. So, you can clearly see that it’s a good tool to have in your workshop.

ROOCBIT CNC router bit comes with 4 wings and can be cut within 2-½ inches diameter. Though the shank size is similar to the previous Binstak router bit, its cutting diameter is larger than that.

The ROOCBIT authority should be praised for showing their extreme perfection on the vibration controlling section. They used anti-seismic diamond material to design this router bit. It can suppress the vibrations even when used on hard surfaces.

The hard surface doesn’t mean the wooden surface only. This tool can cut aluminum too! Its cemented carbide blade can flatten every wooden surface including hardwoods, soft aluminum, particle boards, acrylic, MDF, laminate, compact panels, and many more.

Key Features:

  • The blades are suitable for both timber and aluminum surfaces.
  • Its extremely low vibration increases the cutting efficiency.
  • It doesn’t leave any burn marks on the surface.
  • The body is completely rust-proof.
  • Blades are replaceable and can be used for a long time.

3. Amana Tool – Spoilboard 2+2 1-1/2″ D 1/2 Shk (RC-2250), Industrial Grade

Amana Tool - Spoilboard 2+2 1-1/2" D 1/2 Shk (RC-2250), Industrial Grade

Amana tool is a brand of trust among the craftsmen over the last 40 years. This USA-based company built lots of tools to help woodworking enthusiasts. Our last product of this router bit list is also from Amana which is Amana Tool RC-2250.

The very first thing you will notice about this tool is its blades. Amana engineers set an example of the perfect combination of science and beauty while designing its blades.

This router bit contains 4 insert knives in it. The first 2 knives are designed for cutting flutes and the last 2 knives are used as up-shear scorers. These up-shear scorers are good for providing a smoother finish on the surface.

Further, these two blades are built with Amana-exclusive carbide. These carbides are capable of providing the highest cutting efficiency and faster flattening process. Overall, the combination of these 2+2 knives will provide you the best outcome you may possibly want from a slab flattening router bit.

This tool can be used on different surfaces such as fiberboard, high-density urethane boards, plastic, MDF’s, softwood, plywood, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, etc.

Key Features:

  • 2+2 featured insert knives design.
  • Blades are made of Amana-exclusive carbides.
  • Provides better slab flattening experience.
  • Can be used with multiple CNC machines.
  • Offers better cutting diameter.

Final Words

Flattening a wooden slab will feel like an apple pie if you are equipped with the right tools. Just put in some effort, use a good tool, and you are done.

After all, investing in a decent router bit for flattening slabs is the best thing to do if you want the satisfaction of using wooden amenities in your house. So, choose a good router bit today and start furnishing your dream house.

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