Drywall Tools List: Top 10 Items That You Should Have

Drywall installations are considered as a major home improvement project, whether it’s a small hole that needs repairing or a special reinstallation task that you’re taking on.

Now, having the below-mentioned drywall tools at your disposal will result in a smooth and perfectly blended drywall.

If you’re planning to take on the project yourself, then knowing which supplies to shop for will help with the completion of your drywall project with ease and without breaking the bank.

Before starting any drywall project, acquiring the tools we have narrowed down in this article, can make the process more efficient. As time is a crucial aspect when working with drywall, avoiding delays and interruptions is of paramount importance.

Top 10 Drywall Tool List

1. Utility Knife

Utility Knife

Having a utility knife at your disposal is the most useful basic tool you can acquire for a drywall project.

However, ordinary utility knives won’t be stable enough to cut drywall. So, it’s better to make sure that your utility knife comes with interchangeable blades that set into the handle for much greater stability.

2. Drywall Knife

Drywall Knife

A specially designed drywall knife is an essential tool to spread mud across the seams. This is a task, which any other knives in your toolbox might not be able to accomplish.

These knives are usually made from flat plastic or metal, and different sizes of knives are designed to serve a unique purpose during the installations.

Its sizes vary from six to twelve inches. The six-inch knives are for spreading the mud into place and taping it down, while the twelve-inch knives are used for final coats.

A corner knife should also be purchased alongside these other knives, as it helps cover hard to reach corners of your walls.

3. Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Any type of tape measure will be sufficient for drywall installation. But to help with larger projects, it is better to acquire a measurer with at least twelve feet of tape that comes with a wide blade, often designed for construction projects.

4. Mud Pan

Mud Pan

Mud pans are generally rather long in length with sharp edges, used to hold drywall compound, and allows you to move it around during the taping process. This helps to keep the site clean and keep the compound intact in one place.

5. Drywall T-Square

Drywall T-Square

This crucial tool is used to make straight cuts in the drywall, and it is unlike any type of squares used for precision. It will allow you to cut out an entire width of a sheet of drywall, with a scale of a full 48-inch length.

The tool resembles a large scale with a cross-end, in the shape of a “T,” which fits neatly over the open edge of the drywall, ensuring the perfect placement of the square.

6. Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is rather crucial for any major drywall installations, as it automatically loads up new screws, rather than stripping the screw head.

The cordless drill is preferred rather than a corded drill, especially when working with drywall, because of the efficiency and easy-to-control torque of the drill. We talked about various drill bits here.

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7. Jab Saw

Jab Saw

This tool is designed for cutting up drywall, with a much sharper edge than that of a utility knife. It is a hand-saw with a six-inch blade, coarse and strong teeth, as well as a sharpened end, usually strong enough to penetrate drywall easily.

However, unlike the stable blade of the utility knife, the jab saw isn’t designed to cut with precision but rather to create an eight to six-inch deep insertion with its sharpened tip perpendicular to the cutting surface.

8. Sanding Block

Sanding Block

In order to get the perfect finish, a sanding block is the most essential tool to have at your disposal. When buying this tool, you must be aware of the type of grit needed for the exact finish you want to achieve.

A sanding block is technically a rectangular sponge wrapped in sandpaper. Often used to smooth out hard to reach corners, and has an abrasive grit on one side and smoother surface on the other, just for specific touchups.

9. Pole Sander

Pole Sander

This tool is a manual sander attached to a long and thin handle, which helps to reach higher locations such as ceilings, walls, and floors. Much more efficient than using the sanding block or sandpaper alone, when covering a much larger surface area.

Sanding sheets fit at the end of the pole, and the sheets come in two types. One of them is the coarse fiberglass mesh, which looks like regular sandpaper. And the other one is finer fiberglass sandpaper, which allows drywall dust to pass through and stop it from caking up the sanding surface.

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10. Dust Mask

Dust Mask

Any drywall project creates fine dust in the process, which can lead to long term health issues if it is inhaled. A dust mask is the most crucial supply in ensuring your safety, and anyone else working in or around the site of the construction.


I guess, now you know all the essential drywall tools list you need to buy for your drywall project.

Let me know in the comments if you need any further help.

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