Top 14 Concrete Tools List and Their Uses: Detailed Guide

Concrete is very popular among the builders.

Although concrete seems to be magical, it needs the right tools for its appropriate application.

With hundreds of tools in the market, it might be a bit overwhelming for DIY enthusiasts to choose the correct ones.

It is essential for you to have the correct tools in hand when doing concrete related projects. Using the incorrect equipment will eventually lead to a hot mess and failure of your task.

However, we are here to save you the trouble and give you an elaborate concrete tools list along with their uses. So without further ado, let’s get right into the main segment of this article!

Top 14 List of Concrete Tools

1. Come-Along Rake

Come-Along Rake

It is well known that concrete is thick and dense, so you should not be even thinking of moving it around with your hands. This is where the come-along rake comes in to help you push the product to its designated place.

A normal rake can also be used for this purpose, but a come-along rake makes your concrete job simpler and is more efficient.

These sorts of rakes have a scooping blade, which makes it perfect for the job. So be sure to pick one of these bad boys up when you see them.

2. Shovel


Certainly, you have heard of a shovel before; it is one of the most obvious things that would have to be on this list. It is an absolute must to have a strong and sturdy shovel for you to complete your concrete job.

A shovel can be used in a number of ways, such as moving concrete around and filling in the small gaps that you will have when carrying out such tasks. In order to accomplish your goal, you will need to have a higher quality shovel, which will not be all that difficult to find.

3. Screed


When it comes to smoothening out concrete and getting rid of that excess product, screed comes to the rescue. This one is no complex tool; you just need to scrape it across the concrete surface and get that perfect smooth finish.

4. Wheelbarrows


The amateurs with the small installations, and the professionals with their large-scale job, everyone will need a wheelbarrow for their tasks.

Carrying around concrete or even cement across the site might sound like a hassle, but using a wheelbarrow will make this a piece of cake. You won’t need to pour in a whole lot of coins to get a nice and robust wheelbarrow.

We would definitely recommend you to purchase a heavy-duty wheelbarrow for better long term usage. You might also want to consider getting more than one of these if you are working with your large team.

5. Circular Saws

Circular Saws

If you are working on large-scale concrete projects, then you might want to get one of these sweet circular saws. This tool is a master at cutting through basically anything which will be convenient when you find yourself in a concrete job site.

A circular saw will save your time when a few things are slightly off, and it will do its job perfectly. The product is not cheap but certainly worth the money.

6. Bull Float

Bull Float

A bull float has a large handle and wide blades so you can carry out your job without being obstructed by too many obstacles. It is generally used after the screed work has been finished, in order to fill in the small gaps that may be found in concrete.

For the extra comfort and ease, you would want to buy a bull float with a telescopic handle, which allows it to be positioned at basically any angle.However, you wouldn’t face trouble with the ordinary one, so you can stick to the regular bull float, as well.

7. Compactor


You might be slightly astonished by seeing this item on a concrete tool list, as it is not a common tool used in concrete projects. As the name suggests, it helps to compact stones into their proper position.

Before rushing to the market to get a compactor, you should be enlightened with the fact that this machine has an inflated price tag.

So, take some time to think about whether you should invest a hefty amount of money into this product.

However, if you need to settle aggregates in its correct position, then this purchase will most definitely be logical.

8. Mixers


If you have lived a life long enough to see a concrete job site, then you must have spotted a mixer there. Well then, it’s evident that it definitely plays a vital role at the site. Without mixing concrete and cement in a mixer, it is impossible for you to get even close to the completion of your project.

DIY enthusiast or a professional, a high-quality mixer is necessary for both. Installing a patio will be much convenient for you, and even other home projects will be less of a trouble.

It may appear to be slightly on the pricier side, but trust us, it’s amazing value for the money, especially when you consider its effectiveness.

9. Finishing Trowel

Finishing Trowel

It is one of the most classic tools you will find on this list. We assume that you have already guessed its purpose, which is to achieve your desired smoothness of the concrete.

You will be surprised to see how simple it is to use. However, it is no less effective than the other devices of this list. You just need to drag the finishing trowel across the surface to finish off and have a level smooth surface.

10. Concrete Finishing Broom

Concrete Finishing Broom

This one is used after the concrete is leveled and smoothened out, to provide wonderful ground texture. It can be achieved by running the broom to and forth on the concrete area.

Made out of fine horsehair, this product is a crucial one to have nearby when you are doing a concrete job.

After being so close to the end of the process, you would not even imagine using any imprecise tool and destroying your tedious hours of hard work.

Finding a finishing broom will not be even slightly difficult, although it will cost you more than a basic one. However, this item will give you great results and satisfy your needs.

11. Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

After the concrete job has been done, you will notice it will leave behind a bit of a mess. So a pressure washer is crucial for the cleanup of this concrete litter. Buy a powerful gas-powered pressure washer to wing out the best results while getting the proper value.

This product will remove any sort of rubbish off the surface and leave you with a clean surface. A pressure washer doesn’t only come in handy when doing concrete projects; it can also be used in different ways.

12. Concrete Polisher

Concrete Polisher

When you’re all done smoothening your concrete, and it has dried, you might want to grab a concrete polisher or grinder to enhance its look. With a polisher, your concrete will be seamlessly smooth and even shiny.

By using the grinder, you can create creative looks that will set you aside from the majority. This is the last tool that you will use when doing your concrete job, and hopefully, you will be able to nail your perfect finish.

13. Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Safety comes first! Before getting started with any of the processes, it is mandatory for you to wear a good pair of work gloves. If you’re working without work gloves, then you should not be surprised to find blisters on your hands. Gloves are used in plumbing and every work for the protection of hands

When you are well-equipped with a high-caliber set of gloves, you will save yourself from burns and discomfort. A professional plumber never works without gloves and other safety equipment.

14. Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

If you’re working on a concrete project site, then it is essential for you to wear a pair of these rubber boots. You might have the idea that this process can create a whole lot of mess, which is why we highly suggest you get a pair of rubber boots.

It will prevent your feet from getting into contact with cement and concrete, ensuring your safety and providing a ton of comfort. Buying a good-quality pair of these boots will be slightly pricey, but we promise you it’s going to be worthwhile.


In this article, we have provided you with sufficient information on the concrete tools list you may require. Take a close look at each product before purchasing it, holding everything into account. You should now be able to choose what you need for your project to be successfully completed.

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