Top 10 Best HF Vertical Antenna in 2022

If you are looking to camp away from society or just play around with radio technology then having the best hf vertical antenna is a must-have tool for you.

With so many HF radio antennas out there, it is easy to waste time in making a decision. We are here to help you decide which is relevant to your needs.

Here is a list of the top-notch vertical HF antenna you can choose from. Many of this HF antenna is not just hf portable but also multiband antennas for your usage.



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Super Antenna Mp1dxtr80


Comet CHA250B Antenna


Super Antenna MP1DXMAX


Genuine Nagoya UT-72


Hy-Gain SPT-500


Top 10 Best Vertical Antenna for HF

1. super antenna mp1dxtr80 deluxe superwhip package

Probably the most popular all-in-one vertical antenna in the radio arena. This HF antenna comes in with a bag called the GO BAG.

If you are the type of person who frequently travels a lot then this would be most suitable for you. You do not have to have a separate bag to store all your antenna utensils- the GO BAG is enough.

The design of the bag is such that you can even fasten several coils on the side of the bag.

This best HF vertical antenna kit includes more than 10 items including clamps, tripod, coil adapter, antenna, and more. For this reason, when you get this vertical antenna kit, you will have everything to start your tuning.

When the bag holds all the equipment, the bag weighs 5 pounds. So Be prepared to lose some calories as you carry this around to find your mystery station.

For radio amateurs, this is an ideal solution. You can start your work in a small area without having to attract the attention of people.

If your area happens to be strict about radio antenna practices then the MP1LXMAX antenna will save your dreams to work with ham radio. It can be set-up fast and pulled apart swiftly. This is all thanks to the small amount of space it requires to be setup.

Despite being meant for a small scale, the vertical antenna can let you reach stations with just 80 watts.

The company states that this HF antenna can tune in 80m, yet after personally trying this out, I was also able to reach stations with just 20m.

For this reason, a tuner and antenna analyzer may not be needed although it can help a lot. Be prepared to expect wonders with this vertical antenna!


  • All-in-one HF radio antenna for travelers for easy setup.
  • Compact with powerful multi-band antenna for amateur radio.
  • Comes with a Frequency Guide SWR Ruler.
  • Fast and easy to move the lightweight HF vertical antenna.
  • Slim HF antenna that provides stealth for privacy.

2. Comet CHA250B All-Band HF Antenna

Some users of this particular antenna have been using it for years. This antenna fit the bill for a lot of hams out there.

Let me start with the design of this. In terms of looks, this device is appealing to the eye. My favorite part about this antenna’s design is that it does not need any antenna radials.

For me, antennas that work fine without radials are the best vertical antenna for HF especially for those who want to keep it simple.

Speaking of design this HF vertical antenna has 5 parts tubing that is made from aluminum. This helps to slide during assembling.

The Comet antenna does not look promising but after trying it out-you can judge the result for yourself.

If you face space-restriction this piece is perfect to start talking on HF as a radio amateur.

Enthusiasts who like to stay low-key in a small area will find this both useful and powerful as it can handle a maximum of 250 watts SSB.

Mature Radio amateurs who are already blessed with a well-equipped station can use this for extensive coverage because it covers the whole HF spectrum.

This antenna is a killer for HF as it does not need a turner at all!

The baseload coil of this radio stand is set inside the mounting bracket. It also works like a transformer and gives out a 50-ohm load on all bands.

After you make your adjustment around this antenna, it should work great on 75/80, 60, 40.

You are likely to make some contact with this vertical HF antenna.


  • Handles a maximum of 250 watts SSB.
  • Super handy manual to set up your radio.
  • No antenna radials needed.
  • Flexible contacts at low watts.
  • Works great on all bands.

3. Super Antenna MP1DXMAX

Many users of this antenna have been holding on to this one for years. You can even take this out and be able to use this in a forest or use it on a cold winter day.

You will not be disappointed by its performance.

Just like the MP1DXTR80 this radio antenna also comes with a bag in due to the number of components. No need to purchase additional However, this does not mean you have to use every part.

After all, being a ham is all about playing around until you find your first station.

It is really easy to change bands so if you choose to go mobile you can do so since this kit comes with a lock nut to keep it in place at highway speeds.

For a portable multi-band antenna, you can make a number of contacts on just 10 meters under stable conditions. Given the ability of the antenna, you may most likely make contact on 15M and hear calls from nearby states if you live in the US.

The antenna has a wide band coverage to tune for each band.

In contrast to most loop antennas-this HF radio antenna can accept a higher TX power.

Setup is simple and the frequency guide meter makes this even faster. In addition, there is a lot of content around this antenna.

For this reason, this is an antenna highly recommended to those who are new to ham radio. More content means newcomers will get help to work their antenna out to make contact.

One newcomer to radio ham reported he was able to transmit 80M 15M 10M with SWR near 1:1.

So if you are new to Radio Ham, please know that this is a lightweight option for you. It is also highly suitable for traveling and for those who are very much involved with fieldwork.


  • Easy and fast to set up.
  • Lightweight so it is perfect for traveling.
  • Great coverage with the MC80 and MC60 SuperCoils.
  • Suitable for fieldwork.
  • Includes a bag to carry all antenna items.

4. Genuine Nagoya UT-72

Super Antenna

It will not take too long to figure out the use of this one. Be prepared to be surprised with the performance of this one.

Unlike those large and tall vertical antennas, this one does not require careful effort to set this up.

It is a complete antenna with an SMA adapter, a long cable, and a magnet.

This is one factor that newcomers will find very appealing as it is a radio that works surprisingly well with both VHS and UHF. The loading coil that comes with this further allows a better UHF reception.

On your first try for an SWR test, you may get a 1.7 on a day if the weather conditions are not too cheerful. This is pretty impressive for an antenna with this result under stressful weather.

The antenna is quite strong. There are 2 reasons for this:

Firstly, it is 19 inches long and is made of stainless steel. Secondly, the antenna has a wide magnetic mount that helps to let the antenna stand strong.

This vertical antenna does best when mounted on a vehicle. In fact, it is very suitable for vehicles as it is omnidirectional. Therefore, signals can be easily received from all directions.

According to the website, the maximum power is 80watts. But I found this antenna was able to transmit power at 20 watts.

Lastly, this radio is compatible with all mobile radios with UHF connectors and any radio which makes use of SMA-FEMALE or SO-239 Adapters.


  • Great Price which includes the adapter, antenna, and cable.
  • Easy to set up with no effort.
  • Stands strong and includes a magnetic mount.
  • Perfect for mounting on vehicles.
  • It can receive signals under fairly stressful conditions.

5. Hy-Gain SPT-500 Super Penetrator HF Vertical Antenna

Hy-Gain SPT-500 Super Penetrator HF Vertical Antenna

When I saw this online, I looked at it wondering who would buy an antenna that looked so spiky and bulky at the same time.

The look of this antenna is quite deceiving-it looks quite spiky and bulky at the same time.

However, when the manufacturer states that this an HF antenna used during the 70s.

This antenna’s design goes back to the 70s. Because of it, performance quality-it is still marketed. At that time, this used to be made for CB (Citizens band radio). Never judge an antenna by its looks.

However, when you do look online, this HF vertical antenna is often out of stock.

So you need to keep an eye on this jewel as it is hard to find. Only then will you be able to place an order when the stock is back in line again.

The height of this antenna is 22 feet and 6 inches. So this antenna is one that will be noticeable from far.

Strength and Range is a key factor of this antenna. It can survive strong winds of 80mph. For range, it was able to cover around 90 miles.

The Hy-Gain SPT-500 antenna is marketed as a 10m and 12m band antenna. After setting this up, it is possible to make 100 contacts on just 10 meters-at least on your first try.

Weighing at 14 pounds, this beauty is quite heavy.

You may need help in setting this up. This is the kind of antenna that works best when it is installed on the roof.

One change that has been made to this antenna is the electrical performance. It has been increased to a new standard by use of a longer radiator and a double matching that includes linear phasing techniques that give low SWR but with more radiated energy.

The design of this HF antenna is such that it is better for catching AM-FM-SSB-DSB signals with little loss.


  • It can withstand strong winds..
  • Has a range of 90 miles.
  • Best for catching signals such as AM-FM-SSB-DSB.
  • Works great on all bands.
  • Electrical Performance.

6. Sigma EUROCOM SE-HF-X80 | Best Vertical HF Antenna

It seems manufacturers these days think deep when creating products for the ham community.

You will find this product is quite simple to set up.

This is all thanks to the easy manual that comes with this. You should be able to set this up in just 5 minutes!

Some users have such confidence with this antenna that they actually take this out for field day.

There were several reasons why I dared to take a NEW antenna for field day:

A. It is lightweight.B. Super easy to setup.C. Great performance.D. Comes in with complete fixtures.

This antenna can end up becoming your sidekick anyday- If you forgot to bring your charger for your iPhone. You can turn to the Sigma X80 antenna to charge your iPhone. The charge is quite fast-after all this is a powerful antenna.

Even under unfavorable conditions- it is possible to make contact with nearby states in the US and outside the borders of the US such as -Colombia, Ireland, and the eastern side of Russia.

On a stormy day of 60 mph-the antenna is able withstand a strong storm.

Another favorite feature is that this does not require any radials. Another plus point for beginners and travelers. Just make sure there is a decent grounding if you choose to work with this without radials.

Although this antenna is rated at 400watts. You could make contact with this gem at only 100 watts. This could work fine on all bands 80 through 6 meters.


  • great for traveling.
  • It can withstand strong storms.
  • works well in limited space.
  • works on all bands.
  • It can charge your iPhone.

7. SE HF-360 Fibre Glass Vertical

Radial Free Antenna 80 to 10 METRES

This is another gem that takes a while to arrive but never the fewer works just fine.

This is a multi-band vertical antenna with a TX of 3.5 – 29 MHz and RX of 1.8 – 55 MHz

There are 4 parts to this: 1 stainless steel whip and 3 fiberglass poles (hence the name of this antenna). In terms of good looks, this is a visual pleasure to the eye.

Since this is a fiberglass antenna, it is lightweight and can be installed by one person. Another added advantage to this is that fiberglass poles do not disturb the radiation pattern of the antenna.

This works well in a small spaced area and it can cover 40m through a 6 in such a space. You may be able to cover 20m through a 6. This tends to work strongly on 20 and 40 meters.

With the right adjustment,such as an internal tuner and this will work on 80 meters on 130MHz.

Again, this antenna does not require radials. If you want you can mount this on ground level or elevate this. You are likely to get fabulous results when mounted on a chimney.

With such an antenna, you could be heard from nearby states.

All this can happen on 100-120 watts. The other party will have no trouble listening to you.

Just bear in mind that for this to work you will need an ATU. You may get best results with a manual ATU.


  • No radials required.
  • Works in both small and large space.
  • Works on 80m to 10m.
  • Works on ground level and when elevated.
  • Great receiving and transmission power.

8. Hustler HF MultiBand Amateur Ham Radio Vertical Antenna 5BTV

Most antennas will not survive if they fall off from a great height. But this one will-it is THAT strong.

To add to that, this thing is also water-proos which is capable of covering bands of 10-80m. You should have no trouble connecting and receiving signals.

This antenna is literally a tall tower. It stands around 25feet tall that comes with coils, handles, and with a power of 1500 watts (this is pretty powerful )

You can attach this onto any regular mast or pipes– if you need to.

If you are the kind that explores antennas by using them off the ground or high up on a building, this will work out for you just fine.

In theory,an antenna is a winner if it helps to reach new countries. Signals you may commonly receive are from near-by states in the US, UK, and South America.

Yet, with this vertical antenna, many in the radio ham community claimed they were able to reach Canada which was a rare connection.

You are likely to get this result while the antenna was mounted on the ground and without any tuner.

If you add radials-you may get quite a number of signals many miles away.Just keep in mind that when you change the operation band you move the jumper.

One point that needs to be remembered is- the manual should be carefully followed. If you skip a few steps due to overconfidence and end up missing some steps- you will have to open the whole thing again and follow the manual step by step.

No worries though-this is a easy to follow manual-no trouble at all with the setup.


  • Great antenna for sending and receiving signals.
  • Easy instruction for setting up the antenna.
  • Suitable for those new to radio ham.
  • No tuner required.
  • Includes clamps for attaching to masts.

9. MFJ-2286 Portable HF Vertical Antenna

This radio antenna is only 2 lbs.

In other words, this is going to be best pals for newcomers who are new to the radio ham community.

The maximum height of this antenna is 18 feet tall but you can adjust the height by sliding the section to make it tall or short.

This means it is also great for traveling.

If you are the type that is looking for an antenna that is easy to keep into your bag then this will fit in almost any bag.

A special feature of this HF antenna is that it can broadcast image-free broadcast incredibly well.

When you tapped this on loading coils it is likely to cover between 7.0-55.0MHz without gaps. So that is between 6-40 meters.

You wont face trouble if you try this in a forest. You can get positive results for 20 meters and 40 meters by sliding some sections down and managing the coil.

So you can receive and send a strong signal. The MFJ 2286 can let you reach several states on the north side and several countries such as Germany, France. You can get better results when using an analyzer to set the SWR.

This antenna has elements of steel and aluminum which ensures years of excellent and long-lasting performance. So you should be able to use this during a light storm as it can perform like a high-end antenna.

Another unique feature is that it is quite safe to use. It is one kilowatt rated component for electrical safety. Anyone who is new to radio ham can consider using this for messing around with radio safely.


  • Antenna height can be adjusted by sliding sections.
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Works well even during a light storm.
  • It is a 1 kilowatt rated component for electrical safety.
  • Suitable for new-comers to learn about radio.

10. OPEK HVT-400B Antenna

Another antenna for the perfect travel. This antenna is popular amongst those who travel by car.

However,this antenna works a lot better when used with a tuner.

Although the power for this antenna is 120 watts -it is hard to tell that this is a multi band-mobile antenna commonly used amongst the ham community for their vehicles-at least in some states within the US.

Without too much effort you should be able to go far with this for 11 meters without struggling too much.

You can make this work at 80m and 75m. This antenna works a lot better on 20m,15,10m with an SWR reading at 1.8.

For many people, if you can hear sound then that is a lot for a mobile antenna.

If you want to set this up on your vehicle-make sure your antenna has a good ground. For this reason, a magnetic mount should not be used. In case if the antenna is not well rounded the right way then you may have trouble turning and getting the best out of this antenna.

Is it possible to make any contacts with this antenna ?

Yes, indeed. At just 50watts you can make contacts to some stations within your state.

If there is going to be a criticism then it would be the delivery time. But it can’t be helped as this is an antenna whose manufacturer builds these outsides from the US.


  • Best for traveling if you need a light antenna.
  • Suitable for vehicles.
  • Instant contact with nearby stations.
  • Very easy to tune.
  • Affordable for anyone.

HF Antenna Comparison Chart

NAMEPowerWeightSingle Best Feature

Super Antenna MP1DXTR80

500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA.

5.40 lbs

No need to buy additional tools or items to use this antenna.

Comet Original CHA-250B HF/50 MHz



No Radials, No adjustments.

Super Antenna MP1DXMAX

500W SSB300 CW/ Digital


Suitable for fieldwork and travel

Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72


8 ounces

Receive signals under fairly stressful conditions.

Hy-Gain SPT-500



It can cover a range of 90 miles.




Best for catching signals such as AM-FM-SSB-DSB.

SE HF-360 Fibre Glass



Works in both small and large space



1.5 ounces

Suitable for vehicles

Hustler 5BTV



Includes clamps for attaching to masts.

MFJ-2286 7-55MHz Portable Vertical Antenna

3.49 pounds

3.49 lbs

1 kilowatt rated component for electrical safety.

HF Vertical Antenna Buying Guide For Beginners

HF Vertical Antenna Buying Guide For Beginners

Type of Radio Operation

Radios have different designs that sets its features for performance. Despite this radio antennas for HF radios can be used in multiple ways.

A Radio is said to be portable when such radios antennas tend to be lighter and small.

They can be easy to set up and can be used for traveling and for areas that have limited space.

Portable HF antennas tend to use low power.

A mobile radio is an antenna is for use mainly for vehicles-mostly for FM voice in the VHF and UHF bands.

Power – Input and Output

Your HF vertical antenna needs the power to send out signals for communication to be effective. Knowing the power needed to access the repeater.

Mobile radios should be capable of 10-50 watts of output for accurate coverage.

This makes mobile radios have better coverage than a handheld radio. But mobile radios need power from a vehicle’s battery or a power supply.

Portable radios need an external power source. This could come from a car’s battery or an AC power supply.

Cables and any form of power supplies to connect your radio should supply the needed power for your vertical antenna at the right voltage.

Vertical & Mobile Antenna Insight

Vertical antennas are popular for portable use. The lengths of some of these antennas can be changed. Some of these require radials.

Using radials on several HF bands require a Tuner.

Multi-banded verticals are used to work on several bands without the need for an antenna tuner.

On the other hand, ground-independent verticals function without radials.

There is no perfect antenna out there. For this reason, the best hf vertical antenna is one that matches

Lastly, mobile antennas can be mounted permanently or temporarily on a vehicle.

Try to choose a permanent one as this usually results in proper electrical ground connection to the vehicle. This is important for an HF wire antenna to work well.

Keep in mind that temporary mounts for mobile antennas have lower efficiency and can come loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which antenna is suitable for those who live in areas restricted to radio hams?

Please first be sure to check your state laws before you proceed to decide which antenna is best for you. Follow the laws of your state and then decide which antenna is suitable for you.

You can play around with mobile antennas which are small and more simple. Using these may not be much of a problem.

Some amateur hams play with the law by using antennas that are vertical and easy to take down.

However, if you are going to use antennas that are advanced and more powerful than it is advisable to check if it is legal to use these antennas as a total beginner.

But honestly, how long are you doing to play it this way? You will quickly lose interest because it will be exhausting to keep an eye on the authorities. You could also get into trouble.

The easiest thing to solve this problem is to get a license. With a license, you will be able to tune peacefully and maybe start your mini station.

However, if you are going to use antennas that are advanced and more powerful than it is advisable to check if it is legal to use these antennas.

Which type of antennas is best for traveling?

HF antennas that are lightweight and require no radials are most suited for traveling. You also want to look for an antenna that is easy to tune.

Some of the antennas discussed above also come with bags that have a complete set of tools for working with your antenna.

You also want to look for an antenna that has great strength in receiving signals. Check out the antennas above. Many of them are suitable for traveling.

Out of all these antennas, which one is the best for beginners?

If you have read the above review, you can choose an antenna that is easy to set up and has an easy-to-follow manual.

You also want to look at your budget. Fortunately, many of the antennas mentioned above are quite economical and easy to use.

Which sort of antenna is best for those with limited space? 

Antennas whose lengths can be adjusted are usually the ones that may help if you have little space. Being small in size and lightweight is a great way to make the most out of a limited area.

You will also want to choose an antenna that has great strength in receiving and sending signals.

What if I cannot follow the manual’s instructions?

There is nothing to feel worried about. If you have trouble finding the right manual you can look online for help.

Antennas that have the most tips, video tutorials, and blogs act as a great alternative to manuals.

Fortunately, all the best HF antennas used here include videos and great content online.

The radio ham community today is a lot more open to providing help.

Fortunately, the above article includes antennas that already have content, instructions, and even video tutorials.

You should have no trouble setting up your antenna.

I do not have Radials for my antenna. What should I do?

Many of the vertical radios above are adjusted to work without radials. Such antennas work fine if there is a good grounding.

Hanging some wires off the antenna is another alternative to act as a radial.


Although many of these antennae are quite ages, they still survive in the market due to their quality and design.

Some are even upgraded and hence have fans dating back to the 70s and 80s. The above antennas are well known and widely used. They have many applications.

We have filtered the features and usefulness so you can find it easy to decide which antenna is best for you.

You not only save time in making a decision but also avoid making a costly mistake.

So which best vertical antenna for HF will you pick to reach other stations?

Certainly, it should be the one which suits you best.

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