Top 10 Best D Ring Shackle 2022: Heavy Duty Shackles

You, along with your best buddy, went off-roading. You're driving hell for leather, leaving all your friends behind.

Suddenly your phone started ringing; it’s your friend, “Dude, hold on! I got stuck in the mud. Come back and pull me out of it.”

Well, you went back to help your friend in no time. You took the tow straps out of your trunk and hooked it onto his vehicle. As soon as you started your Jeep to pull his vehicle out, suddenly the shackle broke! Damn. Wish you had the best d ring shackle, then you could have saved the day.

So, come with us so that you can get a shackle that’ll help you in such urgency in the future.



Editor's Rating


AUTMATCH D Ring Shackle

5 out of 5


5 out of 5

Rhino USA D Ring Shackle

4.5 out of 5

LIBERRWAY Shackle & Hitch Receiver

4 out of 5

AMBULL 3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle

5 out of 5

Top 5 D-ring Shackle Comparison Chart


Working Load Limit

Pin Diameter

Breaking strength



41,887 lbs

3/4 inch

4.75 ton

Forged steel


9500 lbs

3/4 inch

28.5 ton

Galvanized and powder coated steel

Rhino USA

41,850 lbs

3/4 inch

20.93 ton

Powder coated chromoly steel


11,000 lbs

2 inch

20.96 ton

Galvanized and powder coated steel


10,471 lbs

7/8 inch

19 ton

Drop forged steel

The 10 Best D Ring Shackles - Reviews in 2022

Finding out the best ones amongst thousands of D rings is a difficult task. Our experts took a handful of models and tested each one in every possible way. We also talked with multiple authentic users.

Well, only 10 products gained the eligibility to stay on our list. The key point behind choosing these products are performance and market availability. After all of those hassles, I believe these products will be definitely worthy of your money.  So, here's the detailed information about our picks -

1. AUTMATCH 3/4" D Ring Shackle 41,887Ibs Break Strength with 7/8" Screw Pin

AUTMATCH D Ring Shackle 41,887Ibs Break Strength with Screw Pin

While you’re off roading, there is a chance of getting stuck in a tough spot like sand or mud. At that time, you need support to pull yourself out, and you can get that help from the D Ring Shackle from the most famous d rings brand named AUTMATCH.

What’s the point of having shackles if it’s not strong, right? That’s why it’s essential for you to know that it’s made of drop forged heavy-duty steel. So, you don’t need to worry about enduringness at all. The information below will answer all of your questions about enduringness.

Because of having such durability, this AUTMATCH shackles 3/4" offers the towing power of 4.75 tons. With the AUTMATCH d rings, the car owners can wave the worry of failing to lift or tow any vehicles.

In fact, while towing or pulling, you need shackles to stay stable; otherwise, the process becomes a bit complex. That is the reason why the D Ring Shackles from AUTMATCH has a 7/8-inch industry-standard screw pin to keep it stable at the time of towing.

Exploring the off road areas mean harsh weather conditions where metal gears get rusted pretty easily. Well, it comes with a zinc coating and galvanized steel. Thus, this kit is going to stay protected from oxidation and corrosion.

You may have heard draggy rattling noise specifically during mounting. It happens due to the friction between anchor points and the shackles. This AUTMATCH shackles 3/4" is the best D-Ring shackle from AUTMATCH brand that integrates a hard-wearing rubber isolator to reduce the noise.

Well, the rubber washer not only works as a noise reducer, but it also provides an extra bumper protection. The construction of this washer is good enough to add satisfaction guarantee for the users.

Moreover, its universal design allows you to use it for different vehicle recovery such as jeep, trucks, UTV, ATV, sport-utility vehicles, and trailers. And you can use it with recovery tool sets like tow straps, tree savers, snatch blocks, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of drop-forged heavy-duty steel.
  • 4.75 tons of tow power.
  • 7/8-inch screw pin.
  • Provides double protection.
  • Offers rubber isolators.

2. LIBERRWAY Shackles 3/4" (2 Pack) D Ring Shackle

LIBERRWAY Shackles 3/4" (2 Pack) D Ring Shackle

It would be unfair if we don’t put the D Ring Shackles from LIBERRWAY at the second of our list. Well, the reason behind placing it here is its top reputation for building premium quality products. So, let me present the detailed information about this d ring shackle.

Speaking of quality, this product has a powder coat and is galvanized. This double protection ensures durability by protecting it from corrosion and rust over time. In this case, you can definitely say that money can save your time and provides extra security!

However, the most concerning issue of a shackle is its diameter. Because if you can’t fit in with your lifting application, then what’s the benefit? Well, this product has a ¾-inch diameter pin, which means you can attach it to any of your lifting operations at ease.

The best part about this D ring Shackles from the brand LIBERRWAY is that you can tighten or loosen it by using your hands, thanks to the 7/8-inch screw pin. It links up too well with the bumper. 

And if we talk about the power, then you’ll be amazed to know that this kit possesses breaking strength of 28.5-ton. Not only that, but it also provides you the towing and recovering power of 9500 lbs.  Now that's insane, right?

You might be thinking that where can you use it? Well, questions like these are pretty normal. You can use it on your Jeep, even on a full-size Chevy, and pull trees, trucks, or anything. Just make sure that you don’t cross its capacity limit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powder-coated and galvanized.
  • ¾-inch diameter.
  • 7/8-inch hand-tight screw pin.
  • Breaking strength 28.5-ton.
  • Towing and recovering power 9500lbs.

3. Rhino USA D Ring Shackle 41,850lb

Rhino USA D Ring Shackle (2 Pack) 41,850lb

If you want the heavy duty d ring shackle with a sleek eye-catching look, you must try out the D Ring Shackles from Rhino USA. It has the look as well as the power that is recommended for the car owners. The detailed information about this D ring shackle will make you fall in love with this product.

Since we’re talking about look, then you should know that it boasts a glossy black finish. Aside from that, it’s made of Chromoly steel. You know, Chromoly steel made products are comparatively lighter yet has greater strength than average steel. So, you can rest assured that these d rings can support you pretty well.

You may think that the look will fade away as the shackles get rust making it look dull and weak. Well, if you spend money on wrong d rings, you have to face that for sure. But, the Rhino USA d rings has a powder coat over it that protects it from corrosion as well as rust. That’s why it’ll remain in good shape for a long time.  

Plus, this d ring shackle from Rhino USA comes with a ¾-inch diameter pin. Besides, it has a 7/8-inch pin that makes it a universal fit for almost all truck, Jeep, SUV etc. So, this product is a life savior for the car owners.

Now, with this shackle on the bumper, you're getting 20 tons plus breaking strength, which is equal to 41,850 lbs. Therefore, whatever recovery situation you fall in, this recovery kit box is going to definitely rescue you. Overall, it is totally worth of your hard earned money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Black glossy finish.
  • Made of Chromoly steel.
  • Sports powder coat.
  • Universal 7/8-inch pin.
  • 41,850lbs. breaking strength.

4. LIBERRWAY Shackle & Hitch Receiver

LIBERRWAY Shackle Hitch Receiver

For the second time on our list, we have one of another best d rings shackle from the brand named LIBERRWAY. It integrates some of the most unique features, and the best part about this recovery tool is that you can get it for a song.

Most importantly, this kit includes a hitch pin, and it fits all 2-inch standard receivers. It is specifically designed for exploring the rough surface or off road terrains. Thus, you can use this shackle for recovering any vehicle at ease.

Not only that, but it also has dual hitch pinholes so that you can join the shackle either horizontally or vertically with the tow straps. Now, you won’t find such flexibility from any other shackle other than the d rings from the LIBERRWAY.

Plus, it boasts double protection, one is electro-galvanized, and another is zinc oxide powder coat. Galvanizing strengthens the metal as well as protects it from rust and corrosion. At the same time, the powder coat safeguards it from oxidation.

Therefore, products like this one indeed getting a durable shackle. You won't need to be a chemist to understand this information about d rings, right?

Besides, this product has been tested in the lab and possesses the highest 41,918 lbs. of breaking strength. It also has a working load limit of 11,000 lbs. As a consequence, you'll be able to pull your friend’s jeep or truck out of the mud without any worry of breaking it apart.

Moreover, with this shackle, you won’t be bothered with wearisome noise, thanks for including silicone washers. Additionally, your shackle will stay protected from any kind of scratches by its shackle isolator.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-inch hitch pin.
  • Dual hitch pinholes.
  • Provides double protection.
  • Breaking strength 41,918lbs.
  • Includes silicone washers and shackle isolator.

5. AMBULL 3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle (2 Pack)

AMBULL 3/4 Inch D Ring Shackle

If, unfortunately, the shackle falls while towing, then it’ll just add fuel to the fire. For that reason, you need something that ensures premium safety factors and security. With that being said, you can check out the D Ring Shackle from AMBULL. Once you get all the information about this d ring, you'll believe that too!

Since we're talking about the safety factors, this product provides 7/8-inch industry-standard pin along with an outer nut. Not only that, but it also includes a built-in insurance pin in order to provide you maximum protection while towing.

With this kit, you’re getting weather-proof galvanized as well as powder-coated shackles. This double protection enhances its strength and protects it from corrosion and rust.

Another most important thing about these products shackle is its working load limit and break strength. And you’re going to get brilliant 4.75-tons towing power as well as 19-tons of maximum break strength. So, you can help out anyone by pulling the vehicle out of the mud with this product at ease.

This D Ring Shackle from AMBULL brand comes with 1 isolator, 2 thick and 2 thin rubber washers. It will protect your beautiful shackle from any kind of visible scratches. Besides, it'll provide you with a noiseless mounting experience.

The availability of this feature is a great peace of mind and ensures satisfaction guarantee for the buyers.

Aside from that, do you have any preferable color in your mind? Well, if you have, then we have good news for you. This shackle offers multiple colors, including orange, white, black, red, and more. So, you can get your favorite color that matches your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides outer nut and 7/8-inch industry-standard pin.
  • Built-in insurance pin.
  • Towing power 4.75-tons.
  • Break strength 19-tons.
  • 1 isolator, 2 thick and 2 thin rubber washers.

6. Rhino USA Combo D Ring Shackles & 30' Tow Strap

Rhino USA Combo D Ring Shackles & 30' Tow Strap

Whether you’re rescuing a friend’s vehicle or removing a stump, you need both the shackle and tow strap. That's why we bring you a combo from Rhino USA that will give you both of them and definitely worth of your money.

With this combo, you’re getting a 30-feet tow strap that is well made and matched superbly. So, no matter how far your friend’s vehicle is trapped, you can reach him/her with these long straps effortlessly.

Additionally, the d rings from Rhino USA brand have been tested in the lab and get passed with 31,518 lbs. of break strength. So, unless you’re planning to pull an 18-wheeler, you don’t need to worry about its strength even for the slightest bit.

Besides, it is made of durable Chromoly steel that comes with a powder coat. Thus, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your shackles won’t get damaged by rust and corrosion.

Plus, it provides stability during towing or recovering a vehicle by its 7/8-inch screw pin. As a consequence, you'll face no problem at the time of pulling a vehicle out of the mud.

Another important aspect of the shackle that needs to be mentioned is the working load limit or WLL. It is more vital than breaking strength. Basically, 1/3 of breaking strength is WLL of shackles, and you’ll be glad to know that this kit provides 3 times the safety factors.

Highlighted Features:

  • 30-feet tow straps.
  • Break strength 31,518 lbs.
  • Made of Chromoly steel.
  • Has powder coat.
  • 7/8-inch screw pin.

7. Rocket Straps D Ring Shackles 2 ¾"

Rocket Straps D Ring Shackles

At the time of recovering or towing, you’ll have to lift different types of loads. That’s why you need to equip the D Ring Shackles from Rocket Straps. Because it can help you to deal with any type of load at ease. Okay, let me present the detailed information about this D ring on the following section.

Before anything else, you should know that it has a built-in safety pin that is made of forged steel and 2 washers. These two ensure exact fitting as well as additional safety during vehicle recovery.

Now, if you've ever gone through jeep towing or recovering, you must have heard a noise during mounting. Too irritating, right? No worries, it comes up with a detachable black isolator for reducing the noise along with the bumper protection.

Besides, the D Ring Shackle from the Rocket Straps provides double protection to keep it safe from rust and corrosion. Its zinc coating and metal powder coat give it anti-rust protection to make it long-lasting. As a result, the consumers don't need to buy a new shackle for a long time.

What if we tell you that you’re going to get the lifting power of two heavy trucks? Hard to believe? Well, this shackle boasts a crazy 57,000lbs. of breaking strength and 19,000lbs of working load limit. Huh! Do you have any confusion about its power even now?

Moreover, you can install this kit pretty easily and fast by following the instruction guide. All you have to do is to take out the pin and start using it with the tow strap. That’s simple!

Lastly, you can have the peace of mind knowing that this shackle can be connected with emergency towing ropes as well as tie-downs. It even works like clevis shackle. Not only that, products like this one is also preferable to use with winch straps, tree savers, and snatch blocks.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 washers and built-in safety pin.
  • Detachable black isolators.
  • Gives anti-rust double protection.
  • Break strength 57,000 lbs.
  • Works as clevis shackle.

8. Ohuhu D Ring Shackles

Ohuhu D Ring Shackles

Here, we have the D Ring Shackle from Ohuhu. Now, this brand has suddenly been blasted with praises due to its quality product. And the best thing is that you can get it at a very reasonable price.

Whether you’re towing, recovering, or hauling, you need a strong and durable shackle. Ohuhu uses high-powered forged steel for the construction of their D rings. So, let your worry regarding durability fly away.

Besides, the gloss look that you'll notice is due to the powder black coating on it. Well, this coating makes it rust-resistant, waterproof, and fireproof, making it eligible to serve you for a long time.

As it stands, this D Ring Shackle from Ohuhu offers a painless installation system. All you have to do is to unscrew the pin, then put the shackle onto your car and re-screw. This pin ensures more security during the time of towing.

Plus, it includes a 7/8-inch industry grade pin, which is suitable for vehicle recovery, rigging, and winching. That is the reason you’ll be able to pull heavy loads effortlessly.

Speaking of pulling, this shackle boasts 57,000 lbs of breaking strength as well as a towing capacity of 9,500 lbs. You must agree that these are the shackles you need to take your jeep to the next level.

And if you're worried about whether it'll fit your vehicle or not, you'll be glad to know that you can mount it to the front or rear bumper of almost all vehicles, such as SUV, Trucks, 4WD, Jeep, UTV, and ATV. These d ring mounts are too strong to hold a decent size vehicle. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of heavy forged-steel.
  • Sports powder black coating.
  • Easy screw pin installation.
  • 57,000 lbs break strength.
  • Towing capacity 9,500lbs.

9. FieryRed D-Ring Shackle 3/4" (2 Pack)

FieryRed D Ring Shackle 3/4" (2 Pack)

Looking for the best D-ring shackle that can be used with bubba ropes, winch shackles, and tow straps, then try out the d ring shackle from FieryRed. It has the look, power and gives you the versatility needed for off road recovery.

First of all, it comes with an impressive 22,046lbs. of breaking strength. So, you can use it for any purpose without having the slightest hesitation in mind.

It's quite impractical for us to brag about its durability and sturdiness as it’s made of top-quality forged steel. This material is extremely durable compared to others.

In addition to providing durability, it also backs it up with anti-rust protection, thanks to the powder-coated finish. This finish also gives it a glossy look that is quite appealing.

Plus, the D Ring Shackle from FieryRed has been designed with durable PA6 along with polyurethane. As a consequence, the bumper of your jeep will stay protected from any harsh impact during vehicle recovery.

On top of that, the sound that is produced when metal strikes another metal is very annoying. And this could happen if a shackle doesn’t have any rubber protection. However, with this shackle, there will be no metal clanking, thanks to the FieryRed premium isolators.

Thankfully, each of the shackles comes with a removable pin so that you can attach it to the looped tow strap or the frame of your jeep. It's pretty painless to use and a great substitute to tow hooks. It makes a totally closed loop for making sure that the shackle doesn’t fall off during pulling. Features like this ensures the highest satisfaction guarantee for the buyers, isn't it?

Moreover, whether you have SUVs, UTV, Jeep, or trucks, you can use this shackle with any of the vehicles. Its universal design makes that possible for you in order to gain assured performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 22,046lbs break strength.
  • Made of high-quality forged steel.
  • Comes with powder-coated finish.
  • Includes premium isolators.
  • Universal design to fit all.

10. Ucreative D Ring Shackle 3/4" Rugged Off Road

Ucreative D Ring Shackle Rugged Off Road

If you’re still sitting on the fence on which shackle to pick, then you must give the D Ring Shackle from the Ucreative a try. Though the look isn’t an important fact in the case of the shackle, its shiny and attractive look will sweep off your feet.

It is likely that your shackle is going to face a lot of harsh weather conditions which often leads to rust. But you don't need to worry, as it is galvanized and powder coated. As a result, corrosion and rust won't be able to damage the shackle under whatsoever condition.

Plus, it comes with a 7/8-inch screw pin so that you can set it up pretty easily to your jeep or SUV. And due to the pin, the chances of the shackle falling goes to zero, making your towing secured.

Besides, this D Ring Shackle from Ucreative has the maximum break strength of 57,000lbs. But the astonishing thing is its WLL, which is 9,500 lbs. We’re saying that because not always you’ll find a shackle that offers 6 times the WLL.

These two D-ring shackles can be used with tree savers, tow-straps, and more. And it is pretty suitable to use for towing as well as recovering. So, put this kit in your trunk and hit the mountains with full confidence.

Highlighted Features:

  • Boasts an attractive look.
  • Galvanized and has powder-coat.
  • Breaking strength of 57,000 lbs.
  • Working load limit of 9,500 lbs.

Buying Considerations of the D Ring Shackle

D Ring Shackle Buying Guide

Shackles are going to be used every day while exploring off road areas. It looks amazing to have a pair of them on the front tire of a car. Since a shackle plays a very important role, you need to be very careful before buying it.

Don't worry; we have accumulated some of the basic factors on this buying guide below. And if you keep them in mind while making the purchase, you'll end up with the right shackle in your hands.

Installation Convenience

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider while buying a shackle. Because if the shackle is difficult to install, then the rescuing operation will be a complete disaster. That’s why your picks of d rings matters the most.

Look for a shackle that comes with a hand-tight screw pin. You won’t need any kind of tools to install it other than your hand.

Protection from Weather

So, after a long search, you picked a colorful shackle for your Toyota Tundra Orange. But after a few months of off-wheeling, the shackle started to get rusty and corroded.

Such a terrible feeling to see that, right? Now, if you don't want to damage your shackle because of unwanted weather conditions, then pick one that is galvanized as well as powder-coated.

Galvanizing on metal makes sure to provide a sleek look. Not only that, but it also makes the steel durable and stronger. Plus, the powder-coat finish ensures that the shackle doesn't get rusted and corroded.

Rated Shackle

Another important thing to look at before buying a shackle is whether it's rated or not. By the rated shackles, you’ll get to know the working load limit or WLL. Thus, you can carefully tow or haul without crossing the WLL. You can find this rating embossed on the body of the shackle.

On the other hand, unrated shackled doesn’t have any WLL rating on it. As a result, you can’t surely know that when it might break out. This type of shackle has not gone through any lab test.

Now, you might have some questions in your mind such as, "how can I identify the difference" - Well, there's a couple of different ways to do it.

Firstly, the rated shackle has a rating embossed on the side of its body. Lack of the availability of embossed rating makes it an indecent item.

Secondly, the pin of the shackle is of a different color than the body. The color can be yellow, black, or orange; the main thing is it'll be different in color.

And lastly, the diameter of the pin is slightly thicker than the body.

By the way, you’ll find the marking on one side only. So, check both sides of the shackle to check whether it's rated or not.

That's it! This buying guide to enough to guide you to choose the right d ring for your jeep, truck, SUV or other vehicles.

People Also Asked

FAQs about D ring shackle

How to check if the shackle got damaged?

Well, the easiest way to check the integrity of your shackle is to try to put the pin straight in. If by any chance you can’t do that easily, then you should know that the shackle is damaged. And if the shackle got bent or damaged somehow, it's better not to use it.

What does WLL or Working Load Limit mean?

Working Load Limit or abbreviated as WLL is the rating that you should never cross when using a tool like a ratchet strap. Keep in mind that WLL is 1/3 of the breaking strength.

Therefore, if your ratchet strap has 15,000 pounds breaking strength, then the strap will have 5,000 pounds of WLL.

What is the distinction between bow shackle and D shackle?

A D shackle is not so wide and usually has a threaded pin close. It has a smaller loop design so that it can take high loads, especially. Whereas bow shackles, also called anchor shackles, come with a larger "O" rounded shape.

Recommended Readings: Extreme duty soft shackle - Super lighter.

Which one should I pick, S-rated or M-rated shackle?

Well, the basic difference between S-rated and M-rated shackles is the strength of the materials. They both can have the same working load limit. However, a strong material has been used for the construction of these S-rated d rings to make these even lighter.

That’s why S-rated shackles are suggested to be used during full drive recovery. If there's lack of availability of S-rated shackles, then you can go for the M-rated one.

What does break strength mean?

The break strength is often reported in pounds or kilograms. If you exceed the limit, then the load-bearing tool will fail.

Final Words

We believe that you've found the right shackle according to your preference. From now on, whenever you go off-roading, try to keep one of our best d ring shackles.

Thus, you’ll be able to hit the rocks and mountains with confidence and peace of mind. Not only that, but you'll also manage to rescue your mate in times of danger.

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