Best Concrete Rust Remover Reviews in 2021

Doesn't it seem frustrating looking at the stubborn rust on the concrete floor of your driveway?

And it only worsens when you try to wash it using detergent and water. But the worst part is if you ignore it, you will end up causing permanent damage to the slab. So, how do you remove it?

Well, an eco-friendly concrete rust remover is the ideal solution. And to get one, either you need to browse through many options and look for each one's ingredients, or you can check out some of the best concrete rust removers in this guide.

We also elaborated on the things you need to look for before buying one. So, without any further ado, let's start!



Editor's Rating


Iron OUT Spray Gel Rust Stain Remover

5 out of 5

Singerman Laboratories Rust Remover for Concrete

5 out of 5

CLR PRO Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

4.5 out of 5

Whink Rust Stain Remover

4 out of 5

Rid O' Rust Liquid Rust Stain Remover and Calcium Cleaner Concentrate

4.5 out of 5

How To Remove and Prevent Rust From Concrete

How To Remove and Prevent Rust on Concrete

Understanding the root of the rust is the first step of removing or preventing rust. When you see a trail of rust stain, search for the root and block it off. Well, let's break down the other processes of removing and preventing rust on concrete.

When it comes to removing rust from concrete, some primary guidelines are available before you start to scrub it off.

Force scrubbing can damage the surface of your concrete. So, how do we start?

Start with water. Some rust gets quickly washed away with a hose pipe only. If the hose pipe is not doing any good, then try lemon or vinegar. Lemons and vinegar are the natural stain remover.

After trying the usual home remedies, clean it off with water. Check if it's still there. If it works, that's great.

If it doesn't, you will need something extra for that. That's where the concrete rust stain removers list comes into action.

Use any of the above or pick your own and follow the procedure accordingly. Don't forget to take safety precautions before using any rust cleaner. Rinse the surface with water thoroughly.

As the proverb says, "Prevention is better than cure," stopping rust before spreading on your concrete is better than removing it. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind to prevent rust on the concrete.

Using a weather coat of sealant will give you some times to ease off. Though after every rainy season, you might need to coat again.

Keep the root of all evil away. No, not the literal evil. The origin of concrete rust is often found as some unprotected metals in or out of concrete.

So, if you find any exposed bar on the concrete block, it should be treated immediately. Placing metal furniture can also cause rust on concrete. So, before using them, make sure they are protected with an extra coat to prevent rust.

Benefits of Using Concrete Rust Remover

Having a beautiful driveway is always a plus point for your house. If you think the beautification is the only reason you should get your concrete rust-free, keep reading and be amazed.

Saves your concrete health before it's too late. It might sound crazy to you, but the rust you're using today might cause significant harm to your concrete in the long run.

The reaction takes time; that's why you feel it's unnecessary to clean it. The long term reaction between rust and concrete will decay the concrete slowly.

Most of the cleaners are used in multipurpose household cleaning. So if it occurs to you that you're wasting your money on something you'll use only once, you're wrong.

Rust is health hazardous. It enhances the growth of tetanus bacteria, and nobody wants something like this life-threatening bacteria around them.

Last and most used one, it enhances the beauty of your home, office, or garage.

Best Concrete Rust Remover Reviews

1. Iron OUT Spray Gel Rust Stain Remover

Iron OUT Spray Gel Rust Stain Remover

When it comes to dissolve rust and remove unwanted stains, the first item that comes to a professional's mind is Iron OUT Spray Gel.

The winner of this list and the formula it uses dissolves the toughest stains on concrete. Iron OUT spray is serving its clients since 1958, which is started as a family business.

While people are selecting the belching powder and detergent for removing rust, they often make some mistakes. You might feel happier seeing the bleaching powder cleaning the stains.

But in the long run, you're damaging the surface, whether it's concrete or tiles. Iron OUT Spray's unique formula makes it non-abrasive, which will only get the stains out and keep your concrete safe.

It also offers a non-hydrofluoric acid formula, which will have no side effects to the surface. You can use it not only on concrete but also on other surfaces like sinks, tiles, showers, etc.

With soap-based cleaners, people often complain about their effectiveness while cleaning with hard water. Well, no worries, the cleaning solution is an ideal solution for water with a high rate of iron. The spray system makes it easier to use.

While your neighbor is getting angrier scrubbing the stains off the concrete with detergent, you can chill cause the solution hardly needs any scrubbing. Just spray and clean it up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique non-abrasive and non-Hydrofluoric acid formula.
  • Works on multiple surfaces.
  • Trigger spray makes the work easier.
  • Takes hardly any scrubbing.

2. Singerman Laboratories Rust Remover for Concrete

 Singerman Laboratories Rust Remover for Concrete

While you're planning on a big scale concrete rust removal, this one might do the job. Singerman Laboratories comes in a gallon, covering approximately 60 sq feet.

The annoying stains in the driveway, which are triggering your OCD for a long time, will go away with the professional Best rust remover for concrete within a minute.

The steps of using it aren't rocket science. Simply mix and coat the stains for a while. No scrubbing, no extra steps, just water it. Boom! The stain vanishes.

The biodegradable formula won't get in the way of your garden. While you're cleaning the walkway, you don't have to worry about its effect on plants or vegetation.

On a different note, Singerman designed this one, especially for dry concrete. So be careful of using it elsewhere.

Be aware of putting your gloves on when you're working with a strong solution. Clean the coated area before it gets dry; it could cause other stains.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for vertical walls or slabs.
  • Biodegradable and environmental friendly.
  • The acid-free formula makes it safer.
  • Designed solely for concrete rust.

3. CLR PRO Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

CLR PRO Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

If you're looking for something that will serve you with concrete rust and other surfaces as well, then our 2nd runner-up might get more priority.

This versatile cleaner will help you with any kind of rust in your concrete, tiles, ceramics, glass, sinks, etc. It comes in a gallon, which will keep your house rust-free for a long time.

CLR PRO is a multipurpose cleaner. The brand name CLR stands for Calcium, Lime, and Rust. The reaction of these three will wash away your strongest rust stains.

The effectiveness of the remover might make you think if it's safe. Well, with all those features, it still safe to touch or even rub with bare hands.

Also, it is biodegradable and non-toxic, which means you can use it in your food storage without any second thought. Using it around your garden will cause no side effect to your garden.

The product is certified by EPA and NSF, which means it doesn't have any harmful chemicals like phosphates and ammonia in its ingredients. The NSF certifies that you can use it for food storage; it won't affect the food quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose rust cleaner.
  • Safe for food storage.
  • Non-toxic and need no protection while using.
  • Biodegradable, safe for the environment.

4. Whink Rust Stain Remover

Whink Rust Stain Remover

Sometimes when the rust stain is so deep, people think it might be impossible to remove it fully. Well, they are wrong.

The strongest rust remover on this list will clean the deepest stains from concrete. Something that harsh as a concrete surface might need some extra power while cleaning bold rust.

Whink Rust Stain Remover is cleaning the toughest rust since 1947. The garage owners around the US often use the remover for a long time. The cute little bottle may not give you the impression of how tough it can work.

While the other stain remover may work at a certain limit while cleaning the rust, this powerful solution will go deep and shine it up as brand new.

Use safety gloves while using it and rinse the coated area with water. The product is hazardous for skin and vegetation. Make sure to keep the product out of children's reach.

When doesn't it allow the rust remover to work on multiple surfaces? It has a limited range, which is mostly hard surfaces.

The remover's acidic properties might eat your metal surfaces, but it will work just fine for the concrete and other hard surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong with acidic properties.
  • Needs extra precaution while using.
  • Works great in pipes and other septic elements.
  • Comes in three different types.

5. Rid O' Rust Liquid Rust Stain Remover and Calcium Cleaner Concentrate

Rid O' Rust Liquid Rust Stain Remover and Calcium Cleaner Concentrate

Moving on, the next product on our list is a powerful liquid formula from the brand American Hydro Systems. The Rid O' Liquid specializes in removing any and every stain caused by the irrigation systems.

The product comes in a one-gallon container, which effectively washes about 400 square feet. You can apply it on the spot with a tank or pump sprayer, but don't leave it on the surface to dry.

Just wash it off with water after a few moments, and the stains dissolve. Remember, if you let it dry on the plane, it may form a noticeable while spot after a few hours.

And if the stain is heavy or the solution dried out quickly due to warm and windy weather, consider spraying for another time.

The plus point of the product is, it can be used for indoor cleaning as well. And it won't cause any damage to the painted walls.

Looking for the words about scrubbing? Well, with this powerful formula, you don't need any scrubbing.

The multipurpose solution can be used on various surfaces and takes care of your beautiful vinyl fences, which works as a brick and deck cleaner.

With the powerful yet non-toxic formula, you can clean the surfaces around your lawn without worrying about causing any harm to the plants. However, if you have overspray, rinse the plants with water.

A piece of advice; don't ignore your safety. Put on the protective gears.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic formula and doesn't harm the plants.
  • One gallon container washes up to 400 square feet of area.
  • Suitable for painted walls.
  • No scrubbing is required.
  • Works on various surfaces.

6. RustAid GSX00101 Goof, Rust Stain Remover

RustAid GSX00101 Goof, Rust Stain Remover

The versatile stain remover Goof from the brand RustAid effectively cleans rust and stains from outdoor non-porous surfaces. You can use it to wash off the concrete, toilet, gutters, garden tools, fences, pools, etc.

The cleaning agent contains strong Hydrogen Fluoride and Oxalic Acid that dissolves any stain, no matter how hard it is.

After you apply it on the spots with a spray, it engages in a chemical reaction with the rust, neutralizes it, and wipes it out almost instantly.

If the stain hasn't come off, you can try applying it for the second time and wait for some time; you will see the surfaces cleaner than ever.

Make sure to put on protective gears like gloves and glasses and never touch the solution with bare hands. The hydrofluoric acid is strong enough to tear your skin and muscles.

Besides sprinkler and well water rust stains, it also removes the calcium deposits and the limescale. And all without any scrubbing or rubbing.

Finally, although the solution is robust, it is a bio-degradable formula and ensures no harm to the environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eco-friendly formula and safe for plants.
  • Works on various planes, including fiberglass, wood, and painted walls.
  • Neutralizes the stains within a very short time.
  • Effectively cleans without any scrubbing.
  • Removes limescale and calcium buildups on surfaces as well.

7. OXALIC ACID 99.6% 2 LBS Concrete Rust Remover

OXALIC ACID 99.6% 2 LBS Concrete Rust Remover

Some users prefer some raw solution rather than some complicated cleaner. Well, if you tend to follow the same rule, then this is the one for you.

But while selecting something raw, you need to make sure it's coming from a good and trusted company.

Florida laboratories are the company you can trust with this matter. The company will make sure you get the best and up to date solution for your job.

OXALIC ACID is the definitive treatment for irritating concrete rust. The 99.6% pure oxalic acid will make your concrete shine as new.

 The multipurpose acid you can use for many things around the house. Even if you're not using it as rust removal, you will have many ways to use it.

Acid is not something you should play around with. So, be careful and take proper precautions before using it.

Do not use the acid without mixing it with warm water and put your safety gloves on while working with it. The company is pretty helpful too. So, if you need any information or guidance, they will help you with that.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose acid for your house.
  • Most effective classic concrete rust remover.
  • Allows maximum percentage of pure oxalic acid.
  • Better customer care for clients.
  • Takes only a little amount to work.

8. Goof Off RustAid Bathroom Rust Stain Remover

Goof Off RustAid Bathroom Rust Stain Remover

Something you might notice in any store around the block. The spray bottle with an interesting brand name. Goof Off RustAid is one of the popular bathroom or rust cleaner around.

The spray system of the bottle will save your time from any kind of precaution or extra work.

If you have allergies to chemical fume, then this one is just the one for you. There's no need to make any solution or anything. Just spray and rub it off. The spray is multipurpose too. You can use it in tiles, chrome, glass, etc.

While removing something indoor, people always get conscious about health of hazardous chemicals. Well, the liquid remover is a safer choice for indoor usage.

No Scrubbing! Yes, you heard that right. Your concrete will go away without any scrubbing. Spray and wait for half of a minute is the step of using it. Rinse the area with water after using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • No scrubbing needed.
  • Easy spray system technology.
  • Certified for indoor use.
  • No abrasive chemical fume.
  • Works on many surfaces.
  • 9. White Ox 64 oz. Rust Remover

    White Ox 64 oz. Rust Remover

    This premium quality concrete rust stain remover goes beyond just eliminating the stain from concrete slabs and works equally well on various surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, etc.

    And if you have gorgeous vinyl fences around your garden that turned golden or pale, the White Ox will wash it off too!

    It works on painted surfaces as well. Don't worry; it won't do any harm to your favorite paints.

    And the best part about the product is you don't need any scrubbing. Just mix it with water and spray it on the surface.

    While mixing, make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly. It works instantaneously. Rinse it with water, and the rust and stain will come right off. No pressure-washing is needed as well!

    We also love that it is entirely non-toxic and won't harm your plants and grasses while washing the sidewalks.

    However, consider putting on protective respiratory gear and suitable glasses if you wash closely and don't want to inhale the fume.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Works effectively on various surfaces.
    • No scrubbing is needed.
    • No pressure washing is needed.
    • Suitable for painted surfaces.
    • Non-toxic and is not harmful to plants.

    10. Star Brite Rust Stain Remover

    Star Brite Rust Stain Remover

    We have reached the end of our best rust removers for the concrete list, and our final product is from the American brand Star Brite.

    The versatile product specializes in removing stains from marine, automobile, and RV materials.

    Although the product is specifically designed to remove rust from boats and RVs, it performs just as well on the painted walls and other outdoor surfaces. It also cleans the corrosion stains generated by relevant materials like nuts and bolts.

    Not to mention, the formula is safe to use on fiberglass and other indoor surfaces as well. It's fast and easy to use. The formula starts to action immediately after application and neutralizes the cause of the stains.

     You can spray it on the area and wait for some time and then rinse it off. Within a few moments, the stains will be gone.

    And yes, you don't need to do any hard scrubbing. However, if the stain is deep and old, you might want to consider a second time application or a light rubbing with a soft brush or just an old cloth.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Effectively cleans rust from marine and RV materials.
    • Works on various surfaces like fiberglass painted walls, and other indoor-outdoor planes.
    • Effortless cleaning without any scrubbing.
    • Removes rust caused by fitting materials.
    • Dissolves the stain within a few moments.

    Rust Remover for Concrete Buying Guide

    Concrete Rust Remover Buying Guide

    Apart from learning about the best quality products on the market, you also need to know what you should look for before buying one. So, here are a few things that you might want to consider.

    1. Types of Removers

    Knowing about the type of rust remover is an essential factor when you are buying one. It also helps you to understand which one to get for concrete surfaces.

    The available removers on the market fall under three main categories- chemical removers, rust converters, and eco-friendly chelating agents. Let's have a quick look at them.

    a. Chemical Removers

    These removers are mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes. However, you can also find some suitable for home use. They work fast on heavily stained surfaces and give them a shiny new look.

    Chemical removers can be acid-based, powered by sodium hydrosulfite, and petroleum-based.

    The acid-based liquid formula contains approximately 30% of hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, oxalic, acetic, nitric, and phosphoric acid. One remover doesn't include all the acids; check the product's ingredient section to know what it has.

    The acid removers work fast, and most agents don't require scrubbing or rubbing unless the stain is very heavy. However, you need to be extra careful about your safety while using them.

    It is also recommended not to use it on delicate surfaces like fiberglass, painted walls, plastics, steel, or aluminum surfaces.

    Conversely, the powered sodium hydrosulfite and petroleum-based ones take a bit longer to act. You may also need to scrub the surfaces while working on heavily rusted planes with the powdered removers.

    Although you have to wait for some time while using these products, they are more suitable for home use and can be the ideal solution to your indoor and outdoor stained surfaces.

    b. Rust Converters

    Converters are used when the rust stains on a surface are way too much for a remover to wipe off completely.

     The water-based agent doesn't entirely remove the rust. Instead, it converts it into a black polymer coating that provides further protection to the surface.

    And it can be used on concrete, railings, decks, vehicles, and other equipment made of metal.

    However, doesn't function on galvanized or stainless steel, aluminum and copper. If you find the black coating unpleasant, consider using converters on surfaces you intend to paint later.

    c. Chelating Agents

    Chelating agents are considered more eco-friendly and are gentle to the surface applied as well. It effectively cleans hard planes and corrosion stained tools and equipment.

    The formula works by engaging in a chemical reaction with the rust, which effectively removes it and offers further protection by forming an inert coating.

    And you can use it on almost every kind of surface, from concrete and metals to tiled ones.

    2. Effectiveness

    While buying a cleaning agent to get rid of the stubborn rust from the concrete surface, first check whether the product works on concrete or not.

    Although most rust removers are multipurpose and work on various surfaces from metal to fiberglass, you need to look specifically if it functions on concrete or not.

    Else, you may end up spending money on a product that won't make any difference to the stains on your concrete or even cause damage to the surface.

    3. Ease of Use

    Well, it's helpful if you check the user-friendliness of the product before buying. And by the ease of use, we mean how easily you can perform your cleaning job with the product; whether it requires scrubbing after applying or if it needs any extra gears or simply spraying and rinsing will do the job.

    Best Rust Remover for Concrete comes in both powdered form and liquid formula. While some require mixing and rubbing, with others, just spraying is enough. Also, it depends on the level of your rust stain and cleaning area.

    If you need heavy-duty cleaning, get a potent liquid formula that needs only spraying and washing. You can also get one in a convenient spray bottle, which requires spraying on the stain only.

    4. Toxicity

    It is a common belief that all chemical cleaning agents are toxic to the environment. Well, no. Nowadays, you will find more environment-friendly and biodegradable products on the market than toxic ones.

    We are not saying all removers are non-toxic. No, that cannot be true, as the removing mechanism is entirely a chemical process.

    So, it is crucial to know if your remover is safe to use around plants and grasses because you don't want to cause any damage your garden or in the long term to your health.

    Besides knowing if the product is eco-friendly, you need to consider if it is safe for your health.

    We would recommend you to avoid using those formulas that produce potentially harmful volatile fumes. And always take proper safety measures while working, even if it says it's safe.

    5. Functionality

    Most rust removers are versatile, and they work effectively on different surfaces. However, some products work on specific planes. Getting a versatile cleaning agent is always a smart choice.

    Along with removing stains from your outdoor concrete surfaces, you can also use a multipurpose product to clean metal tools, indoor surfaces, fences, and even painted walls.

     Otherwise, you may have to buy different sets of agents for other purposes, which will eventually lose its potentiality as you will be using only a few ounces of it.

    6. Economic

    It's also essential to check whether the product is economical or not. Some products can be expensive and may seem overkill for house use only.

    However, it may be designed to last long and only needed in small amounts to dissolve the heavy stains.

    Conversely, cheap cleaning agents may cost you more as you need to use them in bulk to eradicate the stains. Also, cheaper products tend to harm the surfaces, causing you, even more, to repair them afterward.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    FAQ About Concrete Rust Remover

    How are rust stains formed on the concrete surfaces? 

    The root of most of the stains on the concrete surface is some unprotected metals around it or on it. The pop-out metals or nails can decay and spread like a stain. So, how do they form?

    When the unprotected metal gets air contact, the water in the air occurs a reaction with the metal causing the rust. The rust reacts with the concrete and puts a brown rust stain over the surface of the concrete.

    What if there are no unprotected metals, but you still have rust stains in your concrete? Then the probable culprit is soft rock. No, it's not the music in your car stereo.

    The concrete supplier uses metal and coal in the ingredient of concrete. The behavior of soft rocks is to absorb more water than traditional concrete materials.

    When these soft rocks get in contact with air and water, it reacts and degrades. The residual of this reaction is what you see in your driveway as rust stains.

    Does the rust stains on concrete never come off?

    There are a lot of home remedies available on the internet to get rid of stains. While using them, sometimes you might think that this stain might never come off.

    Well, while you're using the remedies, there's a big chance that your recipe for cleaning up rust on your concrete is not strong enough. The right is just a click away.

    Even the toughest stain in your concrete can wash away with proper remover.

    How do you get rust stains off of concrete?

    Proper guidance is always a blessing. In terms of concrete rust, we're here to break down the steps for you. A stain is always irritating. Whether it's a small spot or a trail, it always gets in the way.

    The first step of the cleaning process starts with rinsing. Using a hosepipe might give you the best result. Some stains get off with only water. Make sure you rinse them properly.

    Home remedies often help to get rid of minor stains. So, in the second step, try using lemon and check how it turns out.

    Use a brush and scrub it after it settles. You can try vinegar or other home remedies too. The weak acids sometimes work great on minor rust stains.

    If it's still not coming off, you might need something strong. There's a lot of rust remover available in the market for your help. You can choose from our list or pick your own. Check the feature of the cleaner you're using.

    We recommend you to use gloves while using any rust remover. Some of the cleaners offer scrub free cleaning. Whether it needs scrubbing or not, do accordingly.

    The last and final step is to rinse it off with water. Do not leave your cleaner on the concrete for too long; it might cause further stains.

    Does vinegar or lemon remove rust off concrete?

    Vinegar or lemon the two most used items for removing stains naturally. Though they are the first auto choice for cleaning any stains, you might need something extra in terms of concrete.

    If you have a minor rust stain, you can try using them initially. You need to step up and buy one of the rust removers from the store for deep rust removal.

    Final Words

    Having a clean rust free driveway or roof will give you more satisfaction. After reading the article, you have already got the idea that it's not only about beauty.

    A rust cleaner can help with many things around the house. So, pick one from the best concrete rust removers and rest assured, you won't be dissatisfied. Good luck!

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