Best CNC Router Bits for Wood: Top 8 Picks in 2022

If you love working on wood, whether as a profession or a hobby, you must be familiar with the tool- CNC router.

It can be used for various purposes like engraving, lettering, carving, and sculpting. However, a router cannot function well on its own. To make it the best tool possible, you need the best cnc router bits for wood.

If you are confused about which router bits would be best and deliver the most value, check out this article. It will answer all your questions and even give you the reviews of our top 8 router bits, along with a buying guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and delve into the world of the best CNC router bits!



Editor's Rating


HQMaster CNC Router Bits 3.175

5 out of 5

CNC Router Bits, 0.8-3mm, 1/8" Shank

5 out of 5

Yonico 31262-SC 1/2-Inch Dia. 2 Flute

4.5 out of 5

End Milling Engraving Bits

4.5 out of 5

HQMaster End Mill

4 out of 5

Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit Set (87-208)

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best CNC Router Bits 2022

Choosing a router bit can be pretty time consuming, considering the number of options available in the market. Therefore, to narrow your search down,

we are going to talk about our top 8 choices. Hopefully, you will find one you like among these, and even if not, you can always take inspiration from their features!

1. HQMaster CNC Router Bits

CNC Router Bits 3.175 Router Bit

The HQMaster CNC router bits is known mainly for the number of things it can be used or. Indeed, you can use this product with ease for tasks like carving, milling, slotting, engraving, cutting, etc.

It can also be used to sculpt materials like nylon, resin, plywood, density board, PVC, ABS, MDF, hardwood – basically all the different materials you can think of.

We love that it does not just get the job done but makes sure to do it with proper precision and accuracy due to its sharp edges and well-designed flutes.

To keep it in good condition over the years, the model has been made from high-quality tungsten materials that promise durability and strength.

The whole model works in such a way that it does not emit any burr or smoke during the process, making the job for you much more comfortable.

What really caught our eye about this model is its packaging. The ten uncut bits come in a convenient plastic storage box.

These bits are all separated in sections by plastic foam, which helps a lot to extract them with ease and keep them safe from breaking. Besides, the whole model is quite affordable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials.
  • Sharp edge enables it to engrave quickly and efficiently.
  • Made from high-quality tungsten material that provides durability.
  • Does not emit burr or smoke while working.
  • Flutes are designed to provide a perfect cutting.
  • Good value for money.
  • Ten pieces of uncut bits are included in a plastic storage case in separate sections.

2. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Bits

We are going to be talking about the SainSmart Genmitsu model now. Just like our previously reviewed device, this one can also work with a large range of materials, from PBC, SMT, and CNC to hardwood, printed circuit board, mold, plastic fiber, and carbon fiber. This makes it a truly universal tool.

The unique thing about this device is that it is equipped with a unique Nano Blue Coat, which helps to keep the friction between the working bits at a minimum. This helps in creating a smooth surface.

Besides, the coating also enables heat dissipation and makes sure the material does not get overheated.

Aside from the coating, this tool is made from hard steel, which makes it quite efficient and durable. The steel can resist all sorts of wear and tears, thus does not have to be replaced frequently. Besides, the model's edge is sharp enough to provide a neat and clean finishing to your work.

In addition to the edges, the grained carbide material is great for achieving a smooth finishing in milling and cutting. However, the carbide is a bit brittle, so it needs to be handled with care.

The speed range of the machine needs to be controlled so that it does not end up chipping away important parts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from hard steel that ensures efficiency.
  • Wear and tear-resistant material.
  • Grained carbide helps with cutting and milling.
  • Sharp cutting edge provides a neat and precise surface.
  • Can be used for cutting a variety of materials.
  • Equipped with an innovative Nano blue coat that reduces frictional resistance.
  • Dissipates heat at a high rate and keeps the temperature of the parts in a control.

3. End Mill Sets CNC Router

If you are a newbie to the woodwork world and are just looking for something that will help you get some basic jobs done, then this is the model for you. This set comes with 12 pieces, each with different sizes so that you can get a variety of work done with these.

In addition to a variety of purposes, this tool can also cater to different types of materials. It is well known to be compatible with acrylic, nylon, resin, PVC, and PCB.

However, some users have reported that it does not perform well with hardwood, so it is best not to get this model if that is the material you will be working with.

Often, after working with a router, the most irritating task is to take care of all the scraps and leftovers. With this model, you do not have to worry about any such thing. The sharp edges and the clean surfaces of the tool, along with the milling grove, ensure no glitches are left.

No tool is worth your money if it gets damaged in a few years. Since this model is made from tungsten steel, one of the most durable materials out there, you can be assured such a thing will not happen.

The steel helps to resist all sorts of wear and tear, keeps the model hard and efficient, and helps it bend in various ways.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from high-quality tungsten steel.
  • Can resist wear and tear and is highly efficient.
  • Does not leave behind any scarps due to its sharp edges and clean surfaces.
  • Promotes versatility as it can be used on a huge range of materials.
  • Works great for finely detailed carvings.
  • 12 pieces of 12 different sizes enable to get any sort of work done.

4. HQMaster End Mill Combination Kit Set

Another one from the HQMaster brand; however, it is quite different in terms of size and uses. Unlike the first model we reviewed, this one comes in a set of 40 tools, consisting of 4 different types. Each type has ten pieces in total.

Buying this set will guarantee that you do not need another router bit set for a long, long time.

We are really fond of the packaging this set comes in. It is four very simple, plastic packages that reduce the need for any extra cost yet is convenient in terms of carriage.

The four packages are for the four different types. Inside the box, the ten pieces are separated by foam sections so that they do not end up breaking each other.

Longevity and durability are definitely some of the most significant factors this set has to offer. Made from a tungsten carbide material, it has a long service life and can resist all sorts of wear, tear, and damage for years to come. The mirror polishing also helps to keep the product looking as new as possible.

You can use this model on a wide range of materials, including plastic, nylon, resin, PVC, etc. The sharp edges in this model that have been refined with the edge grinding technology ensure that you get clean and accurate finishing with each cut.

Furthermore, the chip is removed at a fast speed so that there are no obstacles during work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes a total of 40 bits – 10 each in 4 types.
  • Comes in the best packaging possible – designed to keep the tools from breaking.
  • High-quality tungsten carbide material ensures longevity and durability.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes on a wide range of materials.
  • Sharp edges equipped with edge grinding technology provides precise, clean cuts.
  • Removes chip at a very fast space for maximum productivity.

5. Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit General Purpose Set

Often, the quality of the tools matters more than the quantity.

Therefore, the Freud General purpose set is an excellent asset to anyone, newbies and professionals alike, looking to do some precise cutting work in their respective workstations. Including eight very useful pieces, this set is known as one of the best cnc router bits.

The eight pieces in the model include 2 V groove bits, 2 up and down spiral bits, and 4 ball nose bits. These bits are used for sharp grooves, clean cuts, and deep grooves, respectively. Each tool has a feature that specifically helps with that task – something you will not see much in other sets.

These tools promote not only versatility and quality but also durability. The whole set is made from enhanced TiCo carbide that has been dipped in chromium.

Freud promises that the material is so strong that it will last two times longer than other router bits sets, and people are yet to prove him wrong.

Another thing we love about this model is that you can use it with all sorts of wood and wood composites, aluminum, and even plastic. The ¼ inch shank is ideal to do some carving, engraving, sign making, and lettering on these materials. All in all, this is definitely a product of premium quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes different types of tools for tackling a large multitude of projects.
  • Made from TiCo super density carbide that promises strength and efficiency.
  • Can be used with all sorts of wood and wood composites, plastic, and aluminum.
  • Shank size is ¼ inches for accurate carving and engraving.
  • Ensures a very premium quality finish.

6. FOOS - Engraving CNC Router Bit Set

Another favorite model of ours is the FOOS Router bit set. Coming in a set of 4, this set promises quality over quantity. Each bit is useful enough on its own to do a multitude of work and can go from removing mass material to outlining curves with ease.

The best part of this set is that each of the 4 bits come in their own little case inside a larger case. This helps the bits remain in good condition while shipping and also makes a great storage option. In terms of aesthetics, it ranks high too.

Durability is something you never have to worry about with this tool. As it is made from solid carbide, the most durable option among the materials used to make router bits, you can rest assured that it will stay in good condition over the years to come.

We also love the V groove that enables it to make sharp and precise cuts and give a clean finish to projects. Another plus point of the model is that it is super affordable, so you get outstanding value for the money.

Highlighted features:

  • Solid carbide material ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Provides excellent value for the money.
  • V groove helps with clean finishes and precise cuts.
  • Packaging ensures the pieces do not get damaged.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes.

7. Lock Miter Router Bit

Lock Miter Router Bit is extremely popular among users due to the quality of the material it has been made with. Besides, its compatibility with all sorts of routers, including automatic ones, gives it an absolute edge over its competitors.

What sets this model entirely apart from its contemporary models is the body. The body has been made from industrial-strength steel, which is excellent not only for stain and rust resistance but also for resisting kickbacks.

This means you will not have to worry about feeling the sharp force that jolts you back a bit every time you try using this router bit.

Another thing we love about this device is that its body is fully coated. This actually helps it to prevent any sort of build-up from resin and enhances its lifespan.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to cut material of any kind, including MDF, particleboard, hardwood, softwood, laminate, acrylic, and all composition materials.

Lastly, the model is equipped with super sharp edges that ensure you get a smooth, clean finishing on all of your projects. This helps increase the efficiency of the router as well.

On top of that, the angle of the model is 45 degrees, which allows us to cut up to 1-inch stock material with complete ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from industrial grade steel that can also resist kickbacks.
  • Equipped with super sharp cutting edges that aid in giving a smooth overall finish.
  • Coated bodies of the bits ensure that there is no buildup of resin.
  • Can be used on other automatic routers along with CNC routers.
  • Has a huge range of application.
  • 45-degree angles of the model help to cut up to 1-inch stock material with ease.

8. Hakkin 20 Pcs End Mill CNC Router Bit

Hakkin CNC router bit is known to many as the best router bits for CNC machine. The exceptional quality of this model, with its tungsten carbide material, Nano coating, and carbide rotary burrs, all really speak for themselves. Besides, it can be used for all sorts of things, from tool-making to jewelry making.

Longevity is one of the core factors in this tool’s making. Made from high-quality tungsten steel, this model can last ten times as long as any other model made from high-speed steel will ever endure.

The ratio gets even more outstanding while comparing to the grinding wheel, as Hakkin can last 200 times longer than those.

The carbide rotary burr of the model is divided into single groove and double groove. While the single groove is excellent for working with hard materials such as iron, steel, and copper, the double groove works well with low-density things like wood, plastic, and aluminum.

Moreover, the grinding head is heat-treated to ensure it can resist heat, wear, and corrosion.

We are also a huge fan of the Nano blue coating it is covered with, as that helps the super sharp edges of the tool to retain their condition in the years to come. It also enables the edge to become heat resistant and lubricant so that no matter how you use the model, you will always end up with the most precise cuts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Equipped with carbide rotary burrs – both single groove and double groove.
  • Can be used for multiple materials and purposes.
  • Made from high-quality tungsten carbide material.
  • Includes Nano blue coating that helps keep the edges in their best condition.
  • Lasts ten times longer than high sped steel.
  • Has a lifespan that is 200 times as long as models made from grinding wheel.
  • Grinding head made from tungsten steel is heat, wear, and corrosion resistant.

Top 8 CNC Router Bits for Wood Comparison

Product Name


Cutting Diameter


HQMaster CNC Router Bits


3.18 mm

Solid Carbide

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Bits


0.8 -3.0 mm set


End Mill Sets CNC Router


3 mm

Tungsten steel

HQMaster End Mill Combination Kit Set


1/8 inch

Tungsten Carbide

Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit General Purpose Set


¼ inch


FOOS - Engraving CNC Router Bit Set


¼ inch

Solid Carbide

Lock Miter Router Bit


2 -3/4 inch


Hakkin 20 Pcs End Mill CNC Router Bit


¼ inch

Tungsten Carbide

CNC Router Bits Buying Guide

CNC Router Bits Buying Guide

To buy the best CNC router bits, you need to look at some important factors. These will help guide you to the product that exactly matches your needs –


The first thing you need to consider before buying CNC router drill bits is its brand. Like any other product, the best router bits usually belong to a reputed brand. The top brands typically have years of experience and expertise, and it shows up in their manufactured products.

We would suggest you go after brands like HQMaster and Hakkin to get the best router bits possible.


The material a router bit is constructed with will determine the quality of its performance over the years. Therefore, it is essential to have good knowledge of the construction of the bit. Router bits are mostly made from HSS, Carbide tipped, or solid carbide.

If you are not afraid to spend a bit more, then go for the bits tipped in tungsten carbide, as they offer the highest durability, sharpness, and quality.

Solid carbide is more suited for heavy asks due to their durability, while high-speed steelworks wonderfully with soft materials. It is also the most affordable option.


Another thing most people forget to consider while buying a router bit is the kind of project and the materials they will be working on. Different materials work better with different router bits, so you need to ensure they are compatible with each other.

If your project is quite heavy duty and requires a robust tool, go for a solid carbide router bit. But if it needs precision, a carbide-tipped bit is the way to go. And if you are working with softwood or plastic, then high-density steel will deliver the best performance.

Shank Size

With the right shank size, the amount of vibration you get while working with a router will be minimized. You need first to find out what shank size your router accepts and then buy that accordingly. Most routers work with ¼ inch or ½ inch shank sizes.

Usage Frequency

The number of times you use your router bits is also significant. If you take these bits out only 3 or 4 times a year, they will likely not be overused.

In that case, buying a cheap router bit is okay. But in case you need to use these quite frequently, go for solid carbide routers as they offer the most durability and longevity.

You also need to properly take care of your router bits to keep them in good condition, irrespective of whether you use them frequently or not. Try to keep them in a wooden box away from water and dew, and keep the pieces separate from each other.


There are two choices when it comes to buying router bits – buy a single one or a set. A router bit set usually comes with a lot of pieces and is great for beginners. These sets have all the common pieces that you need to start with and typically cost less than what it would buy those pieces individually.

However, most affordable sets are not of too good quality, which is not much of a problem considering you can end up breaking one and still have a few more to work with.

But for professionals, it is better to buy single pieces of good quality separately. In that way, you have only the pieces you need, and they do not get broken easily either.


Good packaging of the router bits will ensure that you get to carry them around with you safely, without the risk of breaking them. It is also a great way to store the bits in good condition for years.

Look for bits that come in wooden boxes. If it is a set, it is best if the pieces are separated by sections so they do not end up damaging each other.


Budget is a crucial factor to consider when thinking of purchasing any item. If you are a beginner, it is best if you do not spend too much on a single bit and instead look for some sets.

You will likely end up breaking some pieces, as this skill requires a lot of practice. So, an affordable set will be the way to go.

If you are a professional, then it is best to aim for individual pieces that have excellent quality, and you have likely already gained some knowledge about those. In that case, spending a bit more is encouraged to get the best results.

Types of CNC Router Bits

CNC router bits do not come in a single type. The types of router bits that are the most common are discussed below –


The upcut router bits are used when you need to remove chips at a fast pace or for slotting and grooving. An upcut bit usually pulls the workpiece up and does not leave much of a clean cut. Besides, pulling up the workpiece might result in a bit of damage


The downcut bits cannot remove chips as fast as the upcut ones do, but they are great for leaving a smooth finishing on the material. These are best for thinner materials, though.

Diamond Cut

Diamond cut materials are more popularly used with composites and PC board materials. They leave the finishing of the product smooth and clean but have a very limited material-removing capacity.


The chip breaker does exactly what its name suggests, break chips, and that too at a very fast pace. These are also known as roughers.

Straight Flute Cutter

These are the cheapest kind among all these, and also the simplest. It basically cuts up the material all at once, so it cannot be used for detailed work and carvings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are router bits compatible with every router?

Ans: Router bits usually have two dimensions – ½ inch and ¼ inch. Hence, all router bits are not compatible with each and every router.

Q2. Which materials will make the best router bits?

Ans: Materials such as high-speed steel, solid carbide, tungsten carbide usually make up the best routers. Among these, tungsten carbide is the most popular.

Q3. Do carbide router bits require resharpening?

Ans: Router bits made from carbide are usually super sharp and do not need any resharpening. However, with heavy and prolonged usage, even these can become blunt. In that case, it is best to take thee to a professional.

Q4. Is purchasing an expensive router bit necessary?

Ans: Often, a router bit with good quality will be a bit more costly than a basic one. However, that does not mean cheaper routers are not good. If you are a beginner, you do not need to jump into the expensive router bits at first.

Q5. How to change the router bits on the router?

Ans: To change the router bit, you need to remove the router base and then loosen up the collet. After that, just take the last router bit out and replace it with a new one.

Final Words

With the best CNC router bits, you will definitely get the most accurate results possible in your project. Now it’s only a matter of buying those. We hope that you have already got a comprehensive idea of which one would suit your needs most by reading our article.

If you are still sitting on the fence, we’d urge you to get our first recommendation, as it’s the best choice overall.

So, go shopping and get started right away!

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